Restaurant Table management

With its integrated restaurant table management software, Zeldesk Resto allows you to design a restaurant floor plan, take table orders, move customers freely and easily manage multiple sections of the restaurant. Plus, with an easy-to-use tool, you can easily add tables or edit your existing table layouts for busy events and seasons.

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Restaurant Table management

Streamlining the table ordering process is crucial for improving restaurant efficiency and it starts with taking orders directly from your tablet menu. Manage your guests’ entire dining experience efficiently through table management software. Faster table management allows waiters to spend less time at the POS stations and use the valuable time in interacting with customers

Customizes floor plan and table map

Make your floor plan and table map beautiful by customizing it as per your requirements. Modify it for practicality purpose to make it more useful for your business growth. Amaze your customers with a beautiful and impressive layout using this cutting-edge technology. Maintain your restaurant tables be on track and know the status of ongoing services real-time. Customizing your floor plan based on the exact design of your restaurant is a great help in your operation and it also improves the flow of your front house. Not only the status of each of your tables become clearly visible but it also helps you in identifying the time how long your guests have been seated and which among your tables are busy. This provides insights and strategic ideas for improvement.

Tools for faster turn table

A tool for restaurants which makes turn table faster, enables proper handling of guest’s waiting list and reduce errors. It empowers the restaurant to operate smarter, fill more tables and accommodates flocks of customers. Zeldesk table management also helps your staff to identify which tables are vacated by your guests and prompt them immediate cleaning for faster accommodation of next customer.

Allows your customers do prior reservation

Let your guests do a prior reservation on their own before heading to your restaurant without extra cost. Increase your profit, prevent reservation mistakes and stay organized all the time. Zeldesk table management properly informs the staffs about reservation and it helps them plan the dining arrangement for all the customers, be it a large or small groups of customers. They are able to accommodate both customers with or without reservation in a systematic way. It improves your restaurant management and enhance customer’s reservation process.

Plans your staff’s schedule and tasks

Scheduling of staff has never been easy. Table management software helps you to plan your staff’s shift as needed during busy hours and according to your floor plan. Track and assign tasks per sections and tables. Zeldesk table management helps your staff stay organized every time. It helps them improve their communication not only between co-workers but most importantly with the customers. Assigning right tasks for them makes them more comfortable in accomplishing it with enthusiasm.

Manages customer’s waitlist

Reduce customer long queues, walk-away and no-shows. Table management software eliminates the major reason by which they lose their customer and sales. Zeldesk Resto properly manage your customer waitlist and let them be updated with the status and progress of line. It also notifies the customer when the table for them is ready through messages. Zeldesk table management ensures improvement in your guests’ experience. Make sure that all your guests will be seated quickly which creates smoother experience for them. This saves customer time and guarantees your profit and automatically gain new customers to be valued for long-term business relationship.

  • Faster Turn Tables: Avoid losing customers and sales by not letting them wait longer for their turn to be seated. Make them feel convenience by notifying them the table status through pager or text messages directly to their mobiles.
  • Improve guest experience: Systematized customer queuing for dining helps get diners in open seats more quickly. This makes them feel that you are properly managing all your customers despite of long lines.
  • Saves staff time and avoid extra expenses for restaurant: Table management helps restaurants to plan their staffs tasks and schedules properly. It significantly saves their time make their jobs more pleasant. It also eliminates additional or unexpected expenses for the restaurant since overall operations are being managed properly.
  • Use data to its maximum advantage: Find strategic business decisions through the data collected by the table management feature. It has a centralized data which identify trends that can be used for service improvement.
  • Increase revenue: Maximize the space of your restaurant and let your staff send real-time information about the availability of your tables. This speeds up table turn over and guarantees increase in revenue.
  • Electronic Menu for an exceptional customer experience: E-menu reduces human errors and makes services fast and efficient. Retain your customers and don’t let them feel any hesitation in leaving instant feedback about your good customer service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes it does, In , Zeldesk Resto application, you can print the end of day report from Reports menu- Z reports (Shift End)

Yes, you can easily add additional instructions with every dish as per customer request from Comments option in the billing screen.

Yes, you can maintain different pricelist and also its helps during festive festival seasons where you can assign discount for each festival season.

To know whether a table has been vacated or not, a manager need to ask his waiters all the time. But with Zeldesk Resto, you can relax and simply view on the monitor for the table status whether table is vacant, occupied or billed and also status is color coded.

Yes, Our software is hosted on cloud platform and can be accessed globally.

Yes, Catering option is available in the new order tab.You can select the date and catering order.

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