Restaurant Loyality Management

The success of your restaurant depends entirely on the satisfaction of your customers. If you want your customers to come back again and stick to your brand, it's important that you introduce them to a loyalty program. In this way, it helps you to retain your brand and delight your customers by providing the best experience. Easily manage your customer database using the Zeldesk POS restaurant and turn your customers into repeat customers.

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Loyality Management

Transforming new customers into repeat customers is always a tedious task for restaurants. Customers like to enjoy dishes in a variety of restaurants and your competitors will be constantly looking for ways to convert your guests into permanent customers. To avoid this, a flexible restaurant loyalty program software is essential to enhance guest enjoyment by offering food vouchers, discounts and loyalty points. Zeldesk Resto Loyalty is a loyalty program that covers all aspects of your restaurant's rewards schemes.

Loyalty card management

Zeldesk POS Restaurant enables you to add new customers automatically in your POS upon check out. Simply key in their details under their profile and instantly saved it, there’s no need to worry in inputting it again on their future transactions. Fast transactions means customer satisfaction and repeat business.With Zeldesk Resto Loyalty module, you can provide a loyalty card or member login information by e-mail to your customers. Plus, if you're a restaurant chain, you can restrict or keep membership open for a particular restaurant or place, depending on your needs.

Notifications to customers

In addition from creating the best restaurant loyalty programs, it is equally important to make the customers aware about it. Automatically add your new customers into your program or invite them through interesting notification via message alert or email and make them excited with the benefits awaits for them upon joining. Give them the access to your program and make sure that they can view their progress every purchase they made. Show them that you are also updated with their progress and make it possible for your staff to view customers balance during payment checkout so they can remind the customers about their points and if they want to redeem it immediately or earn more and redeem it in the future.

  • Increase repeat business: Engage with your customers using loyalty management and make them come back again. Let your guests opt-in to your restaurant’s loyalty program and make them excited to visit you again in every updates your restaurant’s have.
  • Better return on investment: Influence your loyal customers in deciding what to have for their meals by sending them coupons and promotional information in a well-timed reminder. This is perfect to get them back inside your restaurant that boost growth and assures increase in sales.
  • Great marketing strategy: Using the customer database that provides all the information you required, you can connect directly with them granting their wants based on their preferences and in that way all your tables will be occupied. This also reduces your advertising expenses since you got an accurate customer database.
  • Turn your guests as your brand advocates: Making and keeping your customers happy turns them into your brand advocates. Let them spread a good word and do referrals by rewarding them for their continued business. It is a great way for advertising and make new customers.
  • Make your customer feel the sense of exclusivity: Give your loyal customers coupons, information, news and promotions that those who do not participate in the program never see. Make them feel that they are special and as part of an exclusive membership and they will surely keep coming back.
  • Improve business and retain customers: Create a survey about their dining experience and collect data which can be used in making an adjustments in your menu and services according to their preferences. It helps you to identify ways of improvement for business and retain your customers.

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