Restaurant Delivery management

Zeldesk Resto delivery module is designed for restaurants with large delivery volumes and takeaway orders. Get powerful insights and analytics for all your points of sale, wherever you are.

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Restaurant Delivery management

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Hassle-free monitoring and handling delivery orders for excellent customer service. Online ordering and deliveries are the trends nowadays. Most of the customers preferred ordering their food by calling their favourite restaurant or by visiting its website and enjoy having their meals conveniently at their home.

Fast assigning of drivers

Delivery management allows the restaurant to assign drivers fast which reduce delays in deliveries. Through the customer data being stored in the database, managers can analyse the orders in no time and assign the driver smartly.

Integrated Caller ID module

With Zeldesk Resto, you can view which customer is calling with their previous orders and preferences. Attend incoming customer calls, address the customer by their name and take the orders which results in better customer management.

Real-time monitoring of orders and deliveries

Track the status of your orders and deliveries. It can even help you track the location of your drivers in real-time. Easy to update your customers whenever there’s a follow up from them. It can also help you identify the fastest route which your driver can be taken in future deliveries.

Analyse the efficiency of your drivers

Monitors how efficient your drivers are. Analyse their delivery time using the records stored in the system from the time they left the store until they reached the customer’s doorstep and hand out the orders.

Multiple mode of payments are available

Our software also offers multiple mode of payments. Most of the customers pay beforehand, upon placing their orders online. But some of them still prefer cash or card payment upon delivery to avoid disclosing their confidential information online and for security purpose.

Detailed delivery reports

Delivery management is filled with reports which is easy to generate. Detailed reports that can help your restaurants delivery section to identify areas for improvement and create strategies in enhancing the service.

  • Connect with wide range of customers: In the fast-paced time of today, everyone now are relying more to online facilities including food ordering. To sustain the online food ordering facility, delivery manager is here to help. It helps you to market and promote your products and be connected with wide range of customers.
  • Draw interest of more customers: Ordering food online is not only attractive to customers because it is convenient but also because the food and items offered are more visible to them. The more customers actually see the menu, the more it draws the interest of customers to order more food items and get more sales automatically.
  • Simplifies the ordering process: Delivery manager enables massive but simplified navigation for customer request. It has a collaborative and updated menu with all available alternatives which is easy to use. It simplifies not only the ordering process of customers but the restaurant as well.
  • Easy menu and order management: Creates and maintain the great looking menu and will prompt the customers to order every time they received the notification. Stress-free management of all orders that are pending for delivery and allows the restaurant to manage the incoming orders and the orders for delivery as well.
  • Receive and deliver accurate orders: Compare to ordering process made through telephone conversation, online ordering with delivery management software makes all ordering process smooth and accurate. There is no room for confusion from customers placing the order, restaurant’s receiving the order up to its delivery.
  • Better customer relationship: Keep your customers in the loop with the delivery process. Send them a notification with a link where they can use to view the status of their orders. Let them know the location of their delivery and assure them that it will come to them on time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes it does, In , Zeldesk Resto application, you can print the end of day report from Reports menu- Z reports (Shift End)

Yes, you can easily add additional instructions with every dish as per customer request from Comments option in the billing screen.

Yes, you can maintain different pricelist and also its helps during festive festival seasons where you can assign discount for each festival season.

To know whether a table has been vacated or not, a manager need to ask his waiters all the time. But with Zeldesk Resto, you can relax and simply view on the monitor for the table status whether table is vacant, occupied or billed and also status is color coded.

Yes, Our software is hosted on cloud platform and can be accessed globally.

Yes, Catering option is available in the new order tab.You can select the date and catering order.

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