Training Management

Connect with your employees. Training management system enables human resources personnel to create learning and training plans for employees.

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Zeldesk Training Management

With Zeldesk, training schedules can be easily created. After creating training schedules, you can assign employees to these trainings. These employees are informed of their training schedule through Employee self-service portal. You can easily track the status of the training on your portal and once it is complete, you can fill out an online form.

360 degree view of employee training programs

Zeldesk Training Management System helps to identify skill gaps among employees and offers opportunities for training programs. Create multiple training courses based on project needs and employees. Managers can visualize and map the effectiveness and performance of training programs for multiple employees with one click. Your employees, as well as your external audiences, have the ability to connect from anywhere and from any device to complete the training assigned to them. Our main motto behind a web solution is to simply simplify training management.

Efficient Employee Training

At Zeldesk, we know how difficult it is to implement and manage employee training programs. Our training management system is designed to meet this common yet major challenge for human resources and businesses. Our training software is an ideal partner to help you create a career path and transparent growth for your employees.

On-boarding simplified

Zeldesk Training Management System simplifies the process of hiring, training employees and allows HR staff to create learning and training plans for employees on the move.

Employee participation

Employees can request training from the company-controlled list of courses. They can then organize their own training and share their feedback with the company to ensure that the training which they received is satisfactory with the expectations of the employees. Thus helping to develop new and improved courses on your training management database.

Managers can schedule reminders for training while keeping their team on track, ensures that managers are informed and that employees stay informed; helping to keep skills up-to-date in accordance with industry standards.

Bring the training's details to life by accessing an intuitive suite of reports that provides unparalleled information about skills, qualifications, and experience within the team and organization.

Zeldesks training management module allows easy maintenance and management of all the training metrics in a singular location. All of this can be done from a safe and secure platform of training management software in real-time. It has a centralized database where all the data are being stored. Each user has its own primary record wherein all his/her primary information can be located. Thus, whenever there is a change required in his profile (like a new phone number or email address), there is only one place to look to make these changes.

Streamline Training

Schedule and assign training by setting up of user groups, where in unlimited number of user groups can be created based on hierarchy, job titles, work profile, roles, departments, facilities, and locations. After creating the groups, the admin can easily schedule and assign training requirements to these user groups.

Reduce Training Costs

Zeldesks training management module helps eliminate the waste of time, resources and money that can be lost due to inefficiencies or gaps in the management of your organization's training initiatives. This occurs mainly because of the operation of different departments carried out in silos. Thus, with the entry of your training management system, the training of different departments becomes easy because it is performed from one place.

  • Growth and Knowledge Development : Zeldesk HRMS training management module completely automates the process of training assistance procedure in an organization. It has the ability to compile all reports related to trainings and online courses .No need to spend long hours just preparing these necessary documents manually. Significant time can be saved and can be allotted to more meaningful tasks for growth and knowledge development.
  • Integrated Database: Training data and information stored in one place. Training management system allows creation of plans, schedules, monitoring and other administration tasks in one central location only. That helps everybody in an organization to access necessary details needed in the absence of the main responsible person for specific process that can cause delays.
  • Company performance tracker: Dynamic reporting feature provides clear idea of what is happening within your organisation today and deeper insights into how the business is performing which is essential when it comes to making strategic decisions in preparation for the future.
  • Manage company finances: Vital component of every success of a company is properly managing company finances. Training management make sure that the cost of training sessions is provided within company’s budget and it gives accurate oversight of what the learning can achieve in financial terms.
  • Ensures learning progress : Through proper monitoring, it ensures that learners are achieving the progress at an appropriate pace. While they are tracking their own development, the business also understand responsiveness to learning and investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

HRMS stands for "Human Resource Management System". exactly HRMS is a simple HRMS tool designed to manage and access End to End HR and Payroll Management of a company. It helps you to all aspects of the HR and payroll processing in a company.

Your personal information is completely secure within Zeldesk HRMS. Role-based access ensures user to access information as per the assigned permission levels based on the work function.

Payroll components are used for payroll processing like earning, deduction and tax components. You can easily define various types of payroll components such as earning types like Basic, HRA etc., multiple deduction and tax types to exactly match the payroll processing requirements of your organization.

Yes, employees can apply leave using this application also the Admin can accept or reject the leave from application

Yes, you can generate reports based on different type of filters using this application.

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