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Hire top quality talent with optimized recruiting and integration experiences for recruiters, candidates and hiring managers. Reduce routine tasks such as manual interview scheduling by automating your recruitment software and freeing up your schedule for more urgent activities.

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The best candidate tracking systems can attract and retain the talent of a company, which is essential to the success of any business.

Flexible and easy to use candidate tracking tools are necessary for Human Resource Department in recruiting and attracting potential and right candidate for your company’s job position. The integrated interview feature at Zeldesk will allow you to conduct structured interviews. It will provide you with a basis for evaluating candidates, as well as for hiring the most suitable candidates with less effort. The best candidate tracking systems can attract and retain the talent of a company, which is essential to the success of any business. In order to attract the right people for the right jobs, you need tools that are flexible and easy to use on a daily basis.Module features configurable workflows to meet the needs of your business, your service or certain vacancies.

Create Job Postings

Zeldesk allows you to publish jobs to any career site or employee portal with an updated version of the job responsibilities and conditions associated with that position. Users can add, edit, or delete job postings. Users can view list of jobs, along with relevant details, such as job title, creation date, job posting type, and place of work .

Recruitment Processes

  • Applicant Self Service

    Zeldesk allows candidates to visit your career page, search for and apply for jobs, submit documents, receive offers and view the current status of their application.

  • CV Management

    Zeldesk allows HR to instantly receive and manage candidate resumes and store them for effective processing and faster recruitment.

  • Search Candidate

    Zeldesk allows recruiters to leverage the pool of candidates by searching for applications based on predefined criteria, allowing for faster processing of applications.

  • Applicant Status

    Zeldesk allows you to track the progress of a candidate's applications throughout the recruitment process.

Manpower Planning & Budgeting

Meet recruitment cost with flexible planning and budgeting across organizational levels. The manpower planning module enables HR department to plan for future workforce needs and set budget per department.

Schedule Interviews

Arrange appointments with candidates and team members alike with Zeldesks interview scheduling functionality.

System Generated Offer Letter

Construct and modify different offer letter formats according to your organization’s preferences and requirements. Increase acceptance rates of your offer by helping candidates to agree with the offer. Gather approvals, create, send and receive signed job offers through Zeldesk recruitment module.

Notifications & Alerts

We understand, there is a lot of work. But you cannot afford to have your hiring schedule fall behind or take too long without contacting candidates. Zeldesk automatically sends reminders about pending tasks.

Manage User Roles & Permissions

Managing hiring activities, whether for a specific role or through multiple openings, requires contributions from different people in your organization. But responsibilities vary from one person to another, so each member of the team needs the right level of access. Zeldesks recruitment module offers user levels with variable permissions, both at the account level and for specific openings.

Candidate Source Report

At times, you receive lot of applicants but many weren’t qualified for the role? With zeldesk, you can generate a report that details your most fruitful candidate sources.

  • Reduce Time to Hire: Candidates are automatically ranked and screened, while the system is self-searching, allowing the system find suitable applicants for you
  • Lower Recruitment Costs: Recruitment agency and vacancy advertising costs can be dramatically reduced, while hidden costs such as postage, photocopying and HR resources are also reduced. Zeldesk also builds up a structured Talent Pool of candidates, which can be checked first when a new vacancy arises.
  • Attract more great talents: Reduce administrative duties: Administration and paperwork between departments is reduced by storing information in a secure, and easily accessible through centralized system.
  • Increase Quality per Hire: detailed reporting allows for evaluation of efficiencies, and whether further efficiencies can be introduced. Our Talent Pool gives a critical competitive edge in the continuous search for new talents.

Frequently Asked Questions

HRMS stands for "Human Resource Management System". exactly HRMS is a simple HRMS tool designed to manage and access End to End HR and Payroll Management of a company. It helps you to all aspects of the HR and payroll processing in a company.

Your personal information is completely secure within Zeldesk HRMS. Role-based access ensures user to access information as per the assigned permission levels based on the work function.

Payroll components are used for payroll processing like earning, deduction and tax components. You can easily define various types of payroll components such as earning types like Basic, HRA etc., multiple deduction and tax types to exactly match the payroll processing requirements of your organization.

Yes, employees can apply leave using this application also the Admin can accept or reject the leave from application

Yes, you can generate reports based on different type of filters using this application.

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