Personal Information Management (PIM)

Achieve effective personnel management and employee tracking through a comprehensive list of employee administration features. From the contact number to the medical details, every detail can be found under this function. This personal data can be accessed as per the defined user access rights.

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Personal Information Management(PIM)

Personal Information Management (PIM) module of Zeldesk helps you develop centralized employee database with ease.

It offers fast and efficient access to your information through selection and filter criteria. Zeldesk User Administration helps you manage all the employee details in the software, terminate employees, upload documents, view detailed personnel history and much more. Zeldesks Personnel information management module is a modern HR management software tool for the full management of staff functions - from finding qualified staff to recruiting, managing personal data, controlling the efficiency and development of a person's career up to the time spent in the company and possible re-employment. The Personnel Register module is the basis of the system.

Bulk Update

This feature allows you to update employee details such as workstation, location, job title, sub-unit, date attached, and add / remove direct supervisors. If a supervisor with multiple subordinates is replaced by another supervisor, you can use the bulk update feature to add all subordinates to the new supervisor at the same time

You can become an employee data expert. Easily.

With the unique and secure employee database in Zeldesk, tracking employee records has never been easier. From standard categories such as personal information and payment information to as many personalized data as you want, you have total control of all your key data in one place, accessible from anywhere. Zeldesk keeps your HR database away from spreadsheets and paper files, putting organized, centralized data at your fingertips whenever you need it.

Put an end to double entry errors and multiple updates.

It's hard to keep employee data accurate when it appears in many places: in spreadsheets, in individual documents, even scribbled on sticky notes. Whenever you make a change, you find one more file that you need to be updated and then another. But with Zeldesk HRMS module, your data is stored in a centralized central database that communicates with all other software featuresso you can enter, update, and verify your employees' records in one place.

Document Management

Document Management System helps in management of digital documents used to track, manage and store documents. Keep track of all the documents you have created so far and download them whenever you want. Attach the documents provided by the employees and save them online for later access and also you can share them with other employees through the employee self-service portal access.

Increases Employee Engagement

Attracting and retaining smart and loyal employees is a top priority and great challenge for any organization. Zeldesk provides workflow and talent management solutions that can help employees to understand objectives more clearly and make it easier to reward them for good work, effectively countering some of the most commonly cited reasons for lack of staff engagement.

  • Reduction of paper and related materials and storage – often yields cost savings
  • Ease in distributing up-to-date materials concerning company policies and procedures
  • Empowerment of employees to change benefits information directly as changes occur
  • Improved collaboration throughout organization, even when there are multiple company locations
  • Decrease in compliance woes aided by alerts and automatic reporting options

Frequently Asked Questions

HRMS stands for "Human Resource Management System". exactly HRMS is a simple HRMS tool designed to manage and access End to End HR and Payroll Management of a company. It helps you to all aspects of the HR and payroll processing in a company.

Your personal information is completely secure within Zeldesk HRMS. Role-based access ensures user to access information as per the assigned permission levels based on the work function.

Payroll components are used for payroll processing like earning, deduction and tax components. You can easily define various types of payroll components such as earning types like Basic, HRA etc., multiple deduction and tax types to exactly match the payroll processing requirements of your organization.

Yes, employees can apply leave using this application also the Admin can accept or reject the leave from application

Yes, you can generate reports based on different type of filters using this application.

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