Payroll Management

Let your employees experience the great benefits of Payroll Management. Automate your payroll for fast, accurate and efficient payroll processing. Automate your payroll processing . Carry out your pre payroll and post-payroll activities faster with the advanced Zeldesk payroll management module.

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Organizations nowadays should have an instant access to payroll costs to become an absolutely effective and competitive in their industry and to develop their ability to adapt every organizational changes they might experience in the future.

The Zeldesk provides an instinctive solution that assists you integrate your payroll processes and manage them efficiently without additional effort. Employees can easily access complete payroll records, view and print payslips. Zeldesk comes with a complete and comprehensive payroll module that automates all your payroll processes. The system allows an unlimited number of payrolls without any conflicts. Staff payment management has never been so convenient and most importantly, so accurate.

Configure Payroll Components

A highly flexible and configurable set of rules allows you to configure any type of payroll component, such as revenue types such as basic income, HRA, etc., as well as multiple deductions.

Employee Self Service

Zeldesk user-friendly interface allows employees to view pay slips online, integrating comprehensive salary information, detailed payroll history, payroll deductions, and much more.

Loan Management

With Zeldesk, it’s an easy task to manage loans availed by employees of an organization. An employee of an organization can easily apply for a loan through Employee self-service portal and this request will then be forwarded to the appropriate staff to approve or reject an employee's loan application. We can set down loan repayments in instalments schemes ,so that these loan repayments are reflected in the employee pay slips. Employees can easily track the status of their loan application and loan repayment in their Employee Self Service Portal (ESS) as well.


With Zeldesk Reimbursement module, an employee of an organization can request reimbursement with appropriate invoices and documents in support of their claim. The organization can view employees request for reimbursement and after approval of its refund request, the Zeldesk employee user will be reimbursed accordingly, in the form of a pay slip or in cash.

Generate Payroll

Allows you to generate payroll for your employees based on their designation and the corresponding pay slips to send to your employees. Zeldesk streamlines the payroll process and thereby reduces the amount of time it takes a payroll department to process each payroll. It effortlessly handles multiple payroll processing without conflicts by Pay Cycle / Pay Slips.

View Payroll Reports

Zeldesk provides you with an interface for a complete overview of payroll disbursements, including details such as earnings, deductions, and more.

Zeldesk provides over 100 standard reports including ability to generate standard reports to monitor employee data, option to export reports in a variety of formats such an Excel or PDF and selection options to meet your managerial, compliance, and strategic planning needs.

  • Accurate payroll calculation: Payroll calculations, deductions, bonuses, holiday pay, tax and other expenses will be computed automatically and accurately.
  • Instant payslip: Payslip can be generated and viewed instantly by giving limited access to each staff. It is one way of being an environment-friendly since printing of payslips are no more necessary.
  • Security: Payroll data is surely protected by making it accessible to authorized user only. Unlike manual payroll processing which is prone to unauthorized access that makes confidential data revealed to anyone.
  • Reliable reports: Generates reports with fringe benefits, expenses and based on the requirements of the company that may help in forecasting future budgets and labour costs.
  • Saves time and money: Saves time and money Manual process will be turned into automated one that significantly helps saves time and money of the company.

Frequently Asked Questions

HRMS stands for "Human Resource Management System". exactly HRMS is a simple HRMS tool designed to manage and access End to End HR and Payroll Management of a company. It helps you to all aspects of the HR and payroll processing in a company.

Your personal information is completely secure within Zeldesk HRMS. Role-based access ensures user to access information as per the assigned permission levels based on the work function.

Payroll components are used for payroll processing like earning, deduction and tax components. You can easily define various types of payroll components such as earning types like Basic, HRA etc., multiple deduction and tax types to exactly match the payroll processing requirements of your organization.

Yes, employees can apply leave using this application also the Admin can accept or reject the leave from application

Yes, you can generate reports based on different type of filters using this application.

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