Employee performance Management

Automate performance appraisals to streamline your workforce with organizational goals. Evaluating your employees on clearly defined work expectations ensures that they receive clear, actionable information that can be easily applied for greater productivity. Implement appraisal policies to maintain the level of motivation and performance level of your employees

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Managing performance and evaluating employees is always a tedious task and involves clutter. It is an endless process of setting employee goals, tracking their progress against them, evaluating results, recognizing their performance, and retaining top performers in assessments. At Zeldesk HRMS, we provide a complete and efficient solution that records the employee's key achievements in accordance with the analysis of their business plans.

Performance strategies serve as a basis for monitoring and analyzing performance. These recordings are available to both managers and report contributors. Zeldesk HRMS offers robust features that help your organization perform self-assessments and peer reviews with absolute certainty. ZELDESK HRMS supports the 360-degree paradigm for performance appraisal review.

Zeldesk Performance Management allows you to configure multiple assessment cycles for your organization, including submission dates for evaluation forms. Zeldesk records information on eligibility criteria, assessment groups or categories, multiple assessment cycles, key result areas (KRAs) and performance appraisals process.

The evaluation process begins with the initiation of the evaluation cycle, self-rating by the Appraise, Rating by the Appraisers, Overall rating and Normalization.

With Zeldesk Performance Management, a manager can assign each employee performance ratings and overall promotion recommendations based on the assessment of objectives and skills. Zeldesk performance rating provides managers with an easier way to have productive conversations with employees, resulting in more accurate review rating and better results.

Employee Goal Management

With Zeldesk, it's easy and simple to set employee goals by defining deliverables, priority levels and timelines for each goal. Everyone in your organization wants to work on the right things at the right time. Zeldesk HRMS goal management approach increases the accountability, commitment and clarity of employee performance goals. Easily and quickly identify barriers to success, identify learning and development opportunities, and collaborate cross-functionally to ensure that employee goals and activities are aligned with key business objectives.

Competency Management

Zeldesk Performance Management allows you to define the required skills based on the job by simply adding the required skills and assigning the corresponding weights. Improve your productivity or develop new skills to do new business, increase employee morale and retain them. Skills management helps to identify talent internally and maintain it effectively. It also helps to align individual behavior with the behavior and culture of the organization.

Initiate Appraisal

Through self-assessment, employees can detail their skills and review their results at each evaluation. You can also have multilevel reviewers and make sure that all report managers provide their reviews. Performance Management in Zeldesk makes it easy to choose the appraisal cycle and starts the appraisal process for one or all employees with one click.

Appraisal Form Fill up

Zeldesk Performance Management provides you an interface to evaluate employee performance by providing them ratings that reflect their actual performance against the required skills and objectives through an appraisal form. Zeldesk’s evaluation module allows you to create evaluation plans and to provide timely comments, additions to the achievements.

Try talent management that actually works

When employee performance evaluations occur only once a year, it is difficult to make them accurate and meaningful. Zeldesk performance evaluation software is at the heart of effective performance management, using a few short questions that encourage action while limiting subjectivity and speculation. The result? Stronger commitment, more specific thoughts on employee performance, and more opportunities to solve problems immediately rather than after six months.

Get the inside scoop on employee’s performance.

To help managers understand when, where, and how to help their people, we've created reports on employee performance. It's a simple, visual way to compare performance and engagement individually, by department and across the company. You can identify top performers who feel undervalued and act before burnout, or find underachievers and explore ways to help them improve. Our reports provide you with the talent management information you need to make the right call for your employees.

View employee goals in a single status report.

By comparing organizational performance appraisals over time across departments, managers, compensation levels, locations and types of jobs, relevant HR managers can identify problems, make improvements, and even prevent problems before they occur. The Goal status report in ZeldeskHRMS reassures leaders that managers are completing the performance cycle within their teams and giving them an easy way to monitor progress, review grades, and even request updates.

Create, track and grow performance together.

Zeldesk HRMS Performance Management module enables employees and managers set and track multiple target and goals straight from the performance appraisal software. It also has a permanent feedback channel which meet the needs of modern employees. This channel sends alerts and notification keeping the employees informed for reminders, comments, updates and accomplishments.

Automated alerts and reminders for real-time updates to keep you posted.

By ensuring that employee evaluations are completed properly, performance management monitoring can add a mountain to your workload. But with Zeldesk HRMS, you simply select the method and frequency, and we'll send automated reminders to you and your employees. Combined with dashboard notifications in Home, automated reminders are the best way to ensure performance tasks are done on time, every time.

Review Intervals

You can set various review cycles where you can review employee performance on daily, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annually basis.

Appraisal Reports

Zeldesk provides manager with a intuitive interface to view past appraisal records of all his employees through appraisal reports.

Organizational chart

Easily get an overview of your Organizational structure by using our Organizational chart. Just click on an employee to view their employee files.

  • Reviews: Forms embedded in our reviews feature allow you to rate an employee on topics such as; diligence, attitude, punctuality and more. However, you can create your own personalized questions that are more specific to your company and the role of the employee. You can create as many performance evaluation forms as you want and even link them if necessary.
  • Specific tailor-made programs: The Zeldesk HRMS performance management software does not tell you whether your employees have succeeded or not, it's your call as a manager. Our software allows you to take all the information about your staff and present it in a way that highlights where and when performance has dropped, saving you time in the long run.
  • 360 feedback: In our performance management software, you can send 360 requests to anyone in your company, asking them to provide feedback on other staff members. You can set an expiration date on the request and, when the request is complete, generate a report listing all comments provided to an employee.

Frequently Asked Questions

HRMS stands for "Human Resource Management System". exactly HRMS is a simple HRMS tool designed to manage and access End to End HR and Payroll Management of a company. It helps you to all aspects of the HR and payroll processing in a company.

Your personal information is completely secure within Zeldesk HRMS. Role-based access ensures user to access information as per the assigned permission levels based on the work function.

Payroll components are used for payroll processing like earning, deduction and tax components. You can easily define various types of payroll components such as earning types like Basic, HRA etc., multiple deduction and tax types to exactly match the payroll processing requirements of your organization.

Yes, employees can apply leave using this application also the Admin can accept or reject the leave from application

Yes, you can generate reports based on different type of filters using this application.

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