Zeldesk Cloud-HRMS

With Zeldesk cloud HRMS, you can effectively manage the retirement cycle of your retirees through an intuitive and intelligent employee management interface, get the maximum ROI of your human capital by tracking each employee's productivity with defined goals and KPIs, establish a record as the best-choice employer in the industry by ensuring timely and accurate payroll generation every time, break the tradition of manual paperwork and enable your employees to be part of HR processes through an interactive self-service interface and much more.

Best HR Management Software

Since year 2000, Zeldesk-HRMS is known for its superiority among all the HR management software globally. Its features are meticulously designed to provide companies and organizations an exceptional and great experience when it comes to managing processes related to Human Resource. It is made up of impressive features with proper management of time & attendance, payroll, leaves, personal information of employees, trainings, performance and etc. Zeldesk-HRMS is being recognized as the most experienced human resource management software and has proven its strength to hundreds of client in different industries since it started. It provides hundreds of reports which is configured in advance that works effectively in analysing every details related to employees. These reports are also definitive and very useful in identifying possible shortfalls and helps you to come up with strategic decisions on how to prevent them before they occur. Zeldesk-HRMS is a cloud-based HR software which allows employees and managers’ access, update and view their personal information and data. It also comes with an organized data which can be turned into an intelligent report exactly made according to your business needs.

How you are Benefitted ?